Inter scores five goals in one game after five years and shows he has firepower without Galhardo | International


Four years and a month – or exactly 1,869 days – later, Inter scored five goals in the same match.

Thirteen years and almost three months – or exactly 4,826 days – later, Inter returned to score five goals in a match as a visitor in the Brazilian Championship.

Eduardo Coudet’s team sprayed these two marks at once by beating Sport 5-3 this Wednesday, at Ilha do Retiro, for the 16th round of the Brasileirão. And believe it or not: no goal was scored by Thiago Galhardo. The result puts the gauchos in second place with the same 31 points as the leader Atlético-MG.

The Brasileirão scorer started the game on the bench, preserved due to physical wear and tear. But he entered the second half and did not stop participating. He turned his head towards Patrick’s second goal in the match, the team’s fourth.

Before the match at Ilha do Retiro, Galhardo had participated in 15 of the last 16 goals scored by Inter in the competition. The top scorer had 13 goals and two assists. In other words: he had scored 63% of the team’s 21 goals in the Brasileirão and participated in 71% of them. Now, it counts another pass for goal.

Patrick scored two of the goals of the 5-3 victory in the Ilha do Retiro – Photo: Ricardo Duarte / Inter Disclosure

This Wednesday, Inter showed that there is life and repertoire to balance the nets even without their scorer and with nine absences on Ilha do Retiro. The team imposed itself and had the ball since the opening whistle, but with difficulties to enter the Sport area and take danger.

It was up to Patrick to pave the way for that. And in the style of Eduardo Coudet. The midfielder stole the ball on the attacking field, scored with Abel Hernández and fired towards the goal. The play turned into a great goal with two dribbles that left Iago Maidana sitting before sending it to the nets, at 33.

Six minutes later, Rodinei received on the right and crossed. Abel Hernández played with Adryelson, and the rival defender scored against.

Thiago Galhardo did not score, but assisted Patrick’s second goal

The aerial ball yielded two more goals for the team in the second half, in corner kicks. First, with Rodrigo Moledo, then with Patrick. The steering wheel enforced the law of the ex in double dose by taking advantage of almost over the line.

The last goal came from Yuri Alberto’s feet. The striker scored for the first time with Inter’s shirt after a great individual play by Edenílson, in a dash from the midfield to the area to assist.

There are the five colored goals in the night, with three goals scored by Sport in the meantime. Two of them, in defense failures in the aerial ball.

“There is greater satisfaction. No worries. There are always things to fix. I was asked if I would like to win 1 to 0 or 4 to 3. And I said I would like to win 4 to 3 more. , I like it even more “(Eduardo Coudet)

  • Last match with 5 goals scored: September 2, 2015 – Inter 6 x 0 Vasco – Beira-Rio – 22nd round of the Brasileirão
  • Last match with 5 goals scored as a visitor in the Brasileirão: July 29, 2007 – Sport 1 x 5 Inter – Ilha do Retiro – 15th round of the Brasileirão

The last time Inter had scored five goals in the same match was on September 2, 2015. On that occasion, Colorado scored 6-0 at Vasco, in Beira-Rio, for the Brasileirão.

Away from home due to competition, the brand is even older. Inter have not scored five goals as a visitor at Nacional since July 29, 2007, when they won the same Sport 5-1 at Ilha do Retiro.

The colorado delegation returned from Recife in a chartered flight at dawn and goes straight to the CT of Parque Gigante. Training is scheduled for 7:30 am on Thursday.

Inter is the current vice-leader of the Brasileirão, with 31 points. It has the same score as the leader Atlético-MG, but with one more game. Colorado will face Vasco next Sunday, at 18h15, in Beira-Rio, for the 17th round of the championship.


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