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Bruno Lazaroni’s fall was one of the last acts of the Botafogo Executive Football Committee, which will be undone after the November 24 election. The voting decision was supported by the majority, but failed to reach unanimity and generated some friction among the top players who run the club’s football.


For the board, the last straw was the display in the 1-0 defeat by Cuiabá for the first leg of the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. Not necessarily because of Bruno Lazaroni, but because of what board members considered the players’ lack of motivation and initiative. According to one of them, shaking the squad and intensifying the internal dispute would be the only positive point in the change of coach now.

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But that was not enough to convince the entire board. With two wins, two draws and two losses in less than a month, the performance was considered satisfactory. For members of the board, another problem was the way the club handled the situation, and Lazaroni was willing to help and did not question when asked to assume no matter how much he had just performed an operation on the abdomen.

– I was a losing vote, because I didn’t think we should fire a coach with 50.5% of success in the Brazilian – said Manoel Renha, member of the committee, to the report of the ge.

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In an interview on Wednesday night, Carlos Augusto Montenegro admitted that the mistake may have been to effect Bruno when he was not yet fully prepared. What happened mainly because of financial motivation. After Paulo Autuori left, who suggested some names for the board, the club’s permanent assistant was chosen.

– Paulo gave us three suggestions: Roger Machado, who would only take a job next year and did not accept it, Renê Weber and Bruno Lazaroni. We decided, also for money, to give Bruno a chance. He had undergone a delicate surgery, he was recovering, we thought if we would put him as an interim, we think he would gain strength as an effective. The second half against Goiás and the game against Cuiabá showed us that it wasn’t going to work. We decided to take it out.

– I think he could not stay another minute, his mistake was to enter Cicero against Cuiabá. I didn’t like it, it didn’t change anything, Forster wasn’t bad and, if he wanted to do it differently, he would put Caio in the first wheel. Not having substituted at halftime annoyed me a lot. We felt that, as we have a young group, that’s what we set up, we need a bigger leadership. Maybe the moment to bet on Lazaroni was wrong and we can bet later on.

Another motivation for Botafogo to choose to carry out the modification in the early afternoon of this Wednesday, was that the club considers the advance in the Copa do Brasil as its main objective. If he goes to the quarter-finals, Bota will receive R $ 3.3 million that would help the club’s finances – although this money is not considered for the payment of salaries.

– I am devastated to have played badly and lost to Cuiabá, but we have to raise our heads and move on. The game there will be on neutral ground, we have to take action to return with interest next week. There is more than R $ 3 million at stake for a bankrupt club – Carlos Augusto Montenegro also said.

Túlio Lustosa is responsible for finding the next Botafogo coach – Photo: Vitor Silva / Botafogo

Bruno’s departure has yet another weight, the need to give an urgent answer to the Botafogo fan, who in recent weeks has been harshly critical of the current board and cast. Understanding that this measure could calm the Botafogo people, the board tried the peace agreement by also dismissing the physical trainer Felippe Cappela, the main target of the charges.

Less than a month after Bruno Lazaroni took effect, Botafogo launches to the market in search of a new coach. The mission is in the hands of Túlio Lustosa, who heard some suggestions from the committee to search for Brazilian football in search of a name “cascudo”, that can have control of the locker room and withstand the pressure for the problems also outside. The football manager has carte blanche, without a salary cap, according to Montenegro, to present the most viable options to the managers.

Even with the financial challenges, Montenegro said he did not worry about the coach’s salary at the moment, as it would be the least of the problems. In addition to monthly salaries, the new commander will be offered awards for goals achieved, such as position in the Brazilian Championship and advancement in the Brazil Cup.

Whether or not there will be time for the arrival of a new coach to lead the team at the edge of the field at 7 pm next Tuesday is still uncertain. However, movement is moving towards making this the ideal solution.


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