Intimate: Dolores Aveiro shares video call with her son, Cristiano Ronaldo – Nacional


Dolores Aveiro’s heart sank after being informed that her son Cristiano Ronaldo is infected with coronavirus. The clan matriarch, who is part of the risk group because of the stroke she suffered in the first months of the year, left a message of hope to the star.

“God gives great battles to great warriors and it is another war that you will win, son”, wrote Dolores on social media when it became known that the captain of the National Team had tested positive.

Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo left for Turin, in an ambulance plane, where he is quarantined alongside Georgina Rodríguez and his children. The rest of the clan stayed in Portugal and the new technologies have been a valuable help at this stage to learn about Cristiano Ronaldo’s health and to miss him. This Thursday, 15, Dolores shared with his followers a moment of the video call with his son. “Out of sight but close to the heart”, Ronaldo’s mother wrote in the caption. “Family, my life”, added the matriarch who was not alone in the video with her son. Elma, Katia and her youngest daughter, who are also in Lisbon with Dolores Aveiro.

Doloresc Aveiro kills missing son, Cristiano Ronaldo, who is infected with the new coronavirus, through video calls


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