‘Invocation of Evil 3’: Watch the first scenes of terror


Warner Bros. released a video with 30 minutes of interviews and scenes from the franchise films’Invocation of Evil‘which also brings the first glimpse of terror’Invocation of Evil 3: The Demon Order‘.

From the minute 1:20, we can see new scenes of Vera Farmiga e Patrick Wilson como Lorraine and Ed Warren.

In addition, one of the scenes shows that we will have a very different exorcism: on a table.

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According to Warner Bros, the premiere here happens on the day June 3, 2021, the day before the launch in the United States.

Invocation of Evil 3: The Demon Order‘will be based once again on one of the real cases solved by Ed and Lorraine Warren.

This time, we will not see a haunted house as in the first two films, but one of the most frightening and POLITICAL cases in history: the demonic possession of the young man Arne Cheyenne Johnson, in the case known as The Trial of the Murdering Demon / The Devil Made Me Do.

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The video begins by talking about the case of a man who stabbed a colleague in a kennel twenty-one times and was acquitted on the grounds of demonic possession. The judges called on two experts to study the case: Ed and Lorraine Warren. We see the two getting a call and traveling to a city, where they enter a morgue with a charred body. The scene is terrifying. When Lorraine touches the deceased, the lights go out and a frightening entity appears in an extremely terrifying scene! The mood seems to be as scary as the first films.

James Wan | will not return to the direction; Michael Chaves (‘The Weeping Curse‘) takes over instead.

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