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The Broad National Consumer Price Index 15 (IPCA-15) increased by 0.94% in October, 0.49 percentage point (pp) above the rate registered in September (0.45%) and the highest result for one month October since 1995, when the IPCA-15 was 1.34%. In the year, the IPCA-15 accumulated an increase of 2.31% and, in the last 12 months, the accumulated variation was 3.52%, above the 2.65% registered in the immediately previous 12 months. In October 2019, the rate was 0.09%.

October 20200,94%
September 20200,45%
October 20190,09%
Accumulated in the year2,31%
Accumulated for 12 months3,52%

Of the nine groups of products and services surveyed, eight were discharged in September. The biggest change (2.24%) and the biggest impact (0.45 pp) came from the group Food and Drink, which accelerated in relation to the result of September (1.48%). Transportation it was up by (1.34%) the second largest contribution in the month’s index (0.27 pp). The second largest variation came from Residence Articles (1.41%), whose prices rose for the sixth consecutive month. The only group to decline in October was Education (-0.02%). The others were among the 0.14% highs in Personal expenses and 0.84% ​​in Clothing.

IPCA-15 – Groups – Variation and Impact
GroupMonthly Variation (%)Impact (pp)
September October September October
General index0,45 0,94 0,45 0,94
Food and Beverages1,482,240,300,45
Residence Articles0,791,410,030,05
Health and Personal Care-0,690,28-0,090,04
Personal expenses0,090,140,010,02
Source: IBGE, Research Directorate, Price Index Coordination, National Consumer Price Index System.

Group acceleration Food and drink (2.24%) is mainly due to the increase in food for consumption at home, which went from 1.96% in September to 2.95% in October. The largest contribution (0.13 pp) came from meats (4.83%), whose prices rose for the fifth consecutive month. Also noteworthy are the high soy oil (22,34%), do rice (18,48%), do tomato (14,25%) e do long life milk (4.26%). On the other hand, there was a drop in onion (-9.95%) yes English potato (-4,39%).

The food for consumption outside the home also registered an increase (0.54%), with emphasis on the meal, which accelerated from 0.09% in September to 0.93% in October.

No group two Transportation (1.34%), the increase was driven by the result of tickets aerial, which rose 39.90% and contributed 0.13 pp to the IPCA-15 for the month. In all the areas surveyed there were increases in the prices of this sub-item, ranging from 21.66% in Porto Alegre up to 49.71% Curitiba. The second biggest impact (0.04 pp) came from gasoline (0.85%), its fourth consecutive increase, although less intense than in the previous month (3.19%).

Still in the group of Transportation, prices of voluntary vehicle insurance rose 2.46%, after seven consecutive months of falls. In this group, the only sub-items with negative variations were interstate bus (-2,73%) e vehicular gas (-1,36%).

Residence articles rose 1.41%, accelerating in relation to September (0.79%). All items in the group were discharged, with emphasis on furniture (1.75%), which had decreased (-0.14%) in the previous month, and tv, sound and computer (1,68%).

The group Clothing had increase of 0.84%, after decreasing (-0.27%) in September. While the men’s clothes e children clothing prices rose 1.31% and 1.07%, respectively female fell 0.10%. At jewelery (1.73%), in turn, continue to increase and accumulate, in the year, a variation of 10.68%.

No group Housing (0.40%), the greatest impact (0.02 pp) came from canister gas, with an increase of 2.07%. The piped gas decreased 0.17%, with an 8.88% reduction in tariffs in Curitiba (-1.64%), in effect since August 19. As for the rate of water and sewage (0.16%), two readjustments were registered: 5.88% in one of the concessionaires of Porto Alegre (1.19%), as of October 1; and 3.40% in Sao Paulo (0.11%), valid since August 15th. Finally, the electricity rose 0.11%, with results that have been since the fall of 0.80% in Salvador up to a 0.68% increase in Porto Alegre.

In October, the IPCA15 increased in all regions. The lowest result was in the metropolitan area of Salvador (0.43%), due to the drop in prices of gasoline (-5.87%). The largest variation was in the metropolitan region of Fortress (1.35%), influenced by the high prices of rice (23.02%), the meats (4.79%) yes gasoline (2,78%).

IPCA-15 – Regions
RegionRegional Weight (%)Monthly Variation (%) Accumulated Variation (%)
SeptemberOctoberYear12 months
Belo Horizonte10,040,421,052,483,55
Sao Paulo33,450,440,962,453,66
Rio de Janeiro9,770,190,862,113,21
Porto Alegre8,610,410,771,672,88
Source: IBGE, Research Directorate, Price Index Coordination, National Consumer Price Index System.

For the calculation of HICP-15, prices were collected from 12 September to 13 October 2020 (reference) and compared with those in effect between 14 August and 11 September 2020 (base). The indicator refers to families with income from 1 to 40 minimum wages and covers the metropolitan regions of Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Recife, São Paulo, Belém, Fortaleza, Salvador and Curitiba, in addition to Brasília and Goiânia. The methodology is the same as the IPCA, differing only in the period of collection and geographic coverage.


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