iPhone 11, SE and XR will also start shipping without a charger


Last Tuesday the Apple announced its new smartphones, the new iPhone 12, and something in common in the 4 models is that they will be sold without any headset or charger. Users who want these accessories will have to purchase them separately. Apple invoked environmental reasons for this decision, in order to reduce e-waste in the long run, and since it has to start somewhere, it started by making that decision.

However, these are not the only equipment of the company to give up the two accessories, since second is being advanced by the GSMARENA staff, the iPhone 11, The iPhone SE it’s the iPhone XR they will also start to be sold without them. The only places where devices will continue to be sold with accessories, is in France, as a local law requires that they be made available, to avoid radiation.

As is being revealed, people close to the matter previously said that removing the charger, and the iPhone’s EarPods, was a method that Apple would use to deal with the price increase caused by the addition of 5G. So, theoretically, Apple wanted to keep the price of the iPhone 12 at a lower level by removing some accessories shipped with the device, instead of requiring customers to buy them separately and thus overpay for the full package. However, Apple says it is doing this to protect the planet.

iPhone 11, iPhone SE and iPhone XR will also be sold without a charger

“Customers already own more than 700 million Lightning headphones. And many customers have switched to a wireless experience with air pods, Beats or other wireless headphones. ”, Apple executives said during the iPhone 12 launch event.

And there are also more than 2 billion Apple power adapters in the world, not to mention the billions of third-party adapters. Therefore, we are removing these items from the iPhone case, which reduces carbon emissions and prevents mining and the use of precious materials. Removing these items also means a smaller, lighter iPhone case. We can place up to 70% more products on a shipping pallet, reducing carbon emissions in our global logistics chain. “

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