IPhone 12: Apple chose a television program for the first hands on to the new smartphone


It’s no secret that Apple loves the Good Morning America program. Well, this time made it even more clear by bringing the new iPhone 12 live on the show.

They can boast that they were the first in the world to have the device in hand (apart from Apple executives). Since now we no longer have events with an audience. Not even the typical first day hands-on we had the opportunity to see.

iPhone 12 arrives at Good Morning America

The interview is quick and with a brief approach to the new iPhone 12. Still, a pertinent approach. Journalist Becky Worley held the iPhone 12, showed us the Mag Safe for the new credit card wallet and interviewed the iPhone 12 marketing VP highlighted by Apple.

In this quick interview came a question to understand what most bothered the journalist on this iPhone. Becky said: “Are users going to buy a $ 700 iPhone (€ 829 in Portugal) and will they not have a charger or headphones?”

The answer was given in the same terms as the presentation of the iPhone 12. The VP of marketing, Kaian Drance, said that: “so much (technology) on this smartphone, there are immense reasons to be bought and we believe it is a fantastic product for this price, but for the other reasons we mentioned, people already have these products (which are missing from the box, earphones and charger) (. ..) therefore, it was not the best thing to do in terms of the environment“.

Apple and or environment

Apple has long struggled to improve its “ecological footprint” on this planet. It is nothing new. However, this is a controversial decision. This is because the accessories were removed, however, the price remains the same.

In addition, equipment already on the market will also be without these accessories. As much as Apple has lowered the price on chargers and earphones, they remain an extra cost for consumers. Hopefully, competitors won’t follow in the footsteps.

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