iPhone 12 Pro Max: DxOMark warns that Ma phone should not deliver impressive camera results


DxOMark is a reference for the market to know if a cell phone does well or not when it comes to photography. The extensive analyzes of the specialized portal are very prestigious for the extremely methodical care so that every cell phone can “compete” under equal conditions.

Therefore, when the portal itself warns through its social networks that anyone who expects the iPhone 12 Pro Max to reach a new level of photographic performance should take the horse out of the rain, certainly many are frustrated.

Today (17) units for specialists and technology portals have started to arrive, even though delivery to the common user will take a while. Of course, the detailed review of the company will come out in the future, but the previous analysis of the supposed best cell phone of Apple 2020 is that it should have lower camera performance than some devices already launched.

For example, DxOMark has already pointed out that not even the device’s 2.5x optical zoom, with 65mm, should represent a competitive advantage. Devices like the P40 Pro and Mi 10 Ultra have telephoto lenses of 125mm and 120mm respectively.

In the coming days, or weeks, the complete analysis of the device should be revealed, and who knows how to surprise the portal’s own specialists. Or not.

In any case, it would not be the first time that the iPhone would be left out of the top of the company’s ranking. In any case, the great integration between hardware and software promoted by Apple ensures that the whole work speaks well. In 2020, even, iPhones bring recording in the Dolby Vision standard, with 10-bits, so even though smartphones leave something to be desired in some aspects, this will continue to position itself as an interesting differential in the industry.

And you, what note do you think the iPhone 12 Pro Max will take on DxOMark? Tell us in the comments!

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is not yet available in Brazilian stores. To be notified when he arrives.


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