iPhone 12 without charger? Samsung missed no opportunity to play


A Apple made the decision to remove the charger from the iPhone 12 and, as expected, rivals are not letting the opportunity to play with the situation pass by.

After the Xiaomi launch a small ‘splinter’ at Apple, it was the turn of Samsung repeat the joke with a post on your page Facebook. As you can see below, the South Korean technology shared an image of a charger where it says that it is included in the purchase of a smartphone Galaxy.

“Your Galaxy gives you what you are looking for. From the most basic as a charger, to the best cameratimes, battery, performance, memory and even a screen 120Hz in one smartphone”, Can be read in the text.

It should be remembered that, although most brands already offer smartphones with screens with more than 60Hz, Apple has yet to launch a device that goes beyond this capability.

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