Iris Stefanelli denies procedures on the face after appearing different in photo: ‘It’s a filter’


Iris Stefanelli spoke to EXTRA on Thursday and clarified the controversy due to the photo she posted on her social network in which she appears with a very different face. The former BBB was the target of attacks by Internet users, accusing her of having touched her nose, cheeks and mouth, but she assured that she never did any aesthetic procedure on her face. She explains that she used the Instagram filter of the model Xênia, which left her with a bigger mouth and thin cheeks.

“I used Xenia’s (model) filter, which refines the cheek and enlarges the mouth,” he explained. “Okay, that was the reason for this whole thing. I never did anything in the face, just sculptra, which is an injection in the face to keep it firm. It is a state-of-the-art procedure that does not change anything. I also put botox in the wrinkles. The nose is mine, I never moved. Even my teeth said that I changed, and I never moved. Look, people are abused, see ?. People don’t know how to play “, he complains.

Iris explained that she is going through a difficult time due to the proximity of the hearing of the lawsuit against a veterinary clinic, which she accuses of being responsible for the death of her dog, three years ago.

“The people are very bad, they asked if I’m harmonizing my voice too. I’m going through a difficult phase, it’s something that makes me suffer. And these bad people on the Internet gave me a shake with these negative comments. There are a lot of people bad in the world “.

Iris without and with the Instagram filter Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Iris Stefanelli before aesthetic procedures
Iris Stefanelli before aesthetic procedures Photo: reproduction / instagram

The former BBB received a flurry of criticism over the photo she posted. “I like you a lot, but you are getting an artificial face, your mouth is not cool, a lot of procedure will end your beauty”, “It’s over, and how perfect it was !!!!!”, “My goodness, it’s weird that “,” Wow, you were so beautiful … It was really horrible! “,” Woman you moved your face “,” Siri, you are beautiful. But your mouth is different. Beware of the pitfalls of the dictatorship of perfection “,” What an astonished look “,” It didn’t look cool, the mouth got ugly “, were some of the phrases left on Iris’ social network.

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Iris Stefanelli appears with a very different face
Iris Stefanelli appears with a very different face Photo: reproduction / instagram
Iris Stefanelli appears with a very different face
Iris Stefanelli appears with a very different face Photo: reproduction / instagram


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