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Let the first stone be thrown by those who have never seen a set-top box or smartwatch of “dubious quality” being sold in “alternative” stores of electronic devices. Such gadgets, obviously, are imported illegally and do not go through the approval process of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), which includes a quality inspection and adaptation to the operating rules here in Brazil.

Now, thanks to a partnership with the IRS, the agency claims to have seized, during the months of July and September alone, no less than 243,700 irregular telecommunication equipment, including smart watches, batteries, chargers, digital converters with WiFi and so on. Only this past Thursday (15), 26 thousand devices were seized in Porto Seco de Resende (RJ).

“The investment in synergy between the inspection bodies, which includes training on sectoral rules, has led to an accelerated growth in the numbers observed. In the last three months alone, the number of irregular products identified in customs has already exceeded the number reached throughout the year 2019 ”, says Igor Moreira, Anatel’s superintendent of inspection.

Image: Disclosure / IRS

To help inhibit illegal imports, the regulator has also trained customs agents working on cargo assessment to identify any irregular equipment.

The superintendent of grant and provision of resources, Vinicius Caram, recalls that “the acquisition of equipment, by consumers, of products that have not been certified by Anatel represents a great risk of accidents, such as those already reported by the press recently”. The executive reaffirms the importance of establishing a minimum degree of quality and standardization for electronic products sold in the country.

Source: Anatel

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