Is Biel playing double with Tays and Mirella?


Even though he had an affair with Tays Reis in the reality of Record TV, Biel confessed that he was already very fond of funkeira MC Mirella. However, the question is: does he still like the paoa and is playing double with Tays? Vote for Poll A Fazenda 12. We want to know your opinion.

Confined in A Fazenda 12, the singer Biel said in conversation with Juliano Ceglia, who was already very fond of funkeira MC Mirella. However, the same is in an affair within the reality of Record, with the ex-Avenger Tays Reis, who has starred in several moments of romance with the pawn. That is, even after confessing passion for Mirella, Biel still deserves to be with Tays? We want to know. Vote for Poll The Farm 12.

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Poll A Fazenda 12: Biel confesses he was once in love with Mirella


First of all, Biel is having an affair with Tays Reis, within the reality of A Fazenda 12. The two have had hot kisses at parties and have even slept together, in the same bed. But, is he being sincere about the romance with the peoa? Or is it all a form of game strategy. After all, at the beginning of the reality, everyone bet that he and Mirella would make a couple. In fact, the romance did not take off, because the funkeira confessed that she still loves her ex-boyfriend Dynho Alves.

Thus, the question remains. Do you know that Biel is playing a double game with Mirella and Tays Reis ?, or everything was just a coincidence, after all, within a confinement anything can happen. However, even so, he does not hide his admiration for the funkeira, who, incidentally, already had a related one before.

In the external area of ​​the record reality headquarters, Biel told Juliano Ceglia how he met MC Mirella and revealed that the two had an open relationship in the past for a long time. He said: “Without fidelity. She had her rolls, I had mine. ”

Still in the chat, he confessed that he met the peoa at a show he did in Pinheiros, a neighborhood located in São Paulo. According to him, Mirella went to the dressing room with a friend who really wanted to meet him. However, when she saw the funkeira, Biel confessed: “Except that I fell in love with Mirella, so her friend was very upset. But then her friend stayed with a friend of mine and I stayed with her, we traveled together, went out every week. I took her to my shows, there is a lot of history ”, said the pawn.

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Biel and Tays, is it dating or just game strategy?

The affair between Biel and Tays Reis started during the ‘Shippados’ theme party at A Fazenda 12. Along with the music and drinks available, two lovebirds performed the biggest kiss, with the right to the tongue and everything. However, after the bash, the weather started to cool down, mainly after the two fought over Mirella.

However, the distance between Tays and Biel began during the #TBT party. Without making the reasons clear, the funkeiro insisted on talking to Mirella, that the ex-Avenger was bothered by the friendship between the two in the house. “What do you get? It’s ego, look. She thinks there is something between us. Our intimacy ends up showing her that. You know how it is, ”said Biel to Mirella, who complained:

“Old man, she used to flatter us before. You know, if you want, I’ll be fine with mine so I don’t think there’s anything. She pissed me off several times. I don’t want to talk bad about her. ”

Biel minimizes romace with Tays

In a conversation in the headquarters room, Luiza regretted that the pawn went to the farm with Tays – a person with whom the funkeiro relates inside the house. “Fuck is going with your mine”, said Ambiel before being hit by the singer: “She is not my mine”. Shortly after the singer’s statement, the peoa corrected his placement. “In here, the person who helps you.”


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