Isabel dos Santos’ position on the Eurobic could end up at Roger Tamraz. Who is the entrepreneur? – Banking & Finance


Lebanese Roger Tamraz is trying to buy Isabel dos Santos’ stake in EuroBic. If authorized, it could hold 42.5% of the Portuguese bank, said SIC Notícias at the end of last week.

Neither a source linked to Isabel dos Santos nor Eurobic themselves confirm the news to Negócios, which has so far been unable to find out more information or confirm the news with other sources. The bank says it doesn’t have any information. The shareholder concerned, who will be responsible for doing the deal, says he has no news to give.

SIC Notícias, however, reveals that there have already been meetings at Banco de Portugal with the interested in EuroBic, Roger Tamraz, who will have appeared on the supervisor with Jorge Tomé, former president of Banif and former director of Caixa who has a investment. Banco de Portugal must certify the suitability of the buyer and the source of the money. This operation also has to pass through the courts, namely by prosecutor Rosário Teixeira and judge Carlos Alexandre, who have the Luanda Leaks investigation in hand. Isabel dos Santos’ assets are in custody, so any money from this deal will be kept by the courts.

Isabel dos Santos came to an agreement with Abanca to sell her position on the eurobic, but the deal was not concluded.

Now a new interested party appears. Who is Roger Tamraz?

Practically unknown in Portugal, the businessman has Lebanese nationality, having in 1989 also become a citizen of the United States, although he was born in Cairo, Egypt.

He is the chairman and founder of Netoil. He’s 80 years old. It is, moreover, mentioned on this company’s website that Roger Tamraz “is an investor specialized in oil and gas, banking, reorganization and restructuring”. In fact, on this website the video with the news from SIC about the purchase of Eurobic was even placed.

He took an MBA in 1966 at Harvard, after graduating from American University in Cairo and graduating from Cambridge and INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France.

The list of business projects in which he claims to have been involved is extensive, namely in the creation of the Tamoil gas station network.

According to his biography on Wikipedia, the first major business achievement associated with Tamraz is the recovery, in 1967, of the Lebanese bank called Intra Bank, which had entered insolvency a year earlier.

He currently holds shares in Bank Al Mashrek, Credit Libanais, Capital Trust Bank and First Phoenician Bank.

But it is in petroleum that its participation stands out the most, having been linked to the expansion of Tamoil in Europe. This year Tamraz tried to take 51% of the oil and gas producer Petrel Resources, but the case ended up in the Irish courts, on charges that Tamraz had failed to comply.

Also in this year’s news, Roger Tamraz appears associated with the bailout of the Latvian bank, PNB Bank, declared insolvent in September. Prior to this decree, Roger Tamraz would have agreed to buy a stake that was held by the Russian investor Guselnikov for 176 million euros.


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