isolated in the house, is Luiza being wronged?


The days are not the best for Luiza Ambiel in A Fazenda. The model adds friction and is increasingly distant from other participants.

The days are not the best for Luiza Ambiel in A Fazenda. The model adds friction and is increasingly distant from other participants. But after all, is Gugu’s former bathtub being wronged? Vote for poll of The Farm 12.

Poll Fazenda 12: Is Luiza being wronged?

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In less than a week, Luiza had at least 4 conflicts in the house. The peoa’s ordeal began on Thursday, after she decided to tell Biel that Mariano was speaking ill of him.

“He said that you are not a man. That you haven’t learned. You did too much ugly stuff outside. He spoke of horrors about you. The stick came down. He said that if it were in his city you would be beaten with sticks, I don’t know what, ”Luiza said to Biel, moments after listening to the conversation going on between Mariano, Jakelyne, Jojo, Mateus and Lipe.

The lead and back did not catch well in the house and Luiza entered the sights of the participants.

Discussion with Stéfani

On Thursday, the 16th, Stéfani Bays was in the room and overheard the conversation between Luiza, Victória and Biel about Mariano and couldn’t help showing his discomfort with the gossip. “I will start to have a position,” said Victória, who was accused of “being on the fence”. “Positioning is not gossip, Vic,” said the ex-vacationer with the Ex. “But it is not gossip, it’s the truth,” insisted the model. “I didn’t gossip!”, Ambiel assured, readily.

“Oh no, it was what ?!” replied the influencer. “Now do you want to appear on top of me, Stefani ?! Speaking of gossip? This is loyalty! Are you going to call me gossip? You respect me girl! ”Shouted the actress, increasing the tone of the conversation. “I have never been disrespectful to you!”, He said to Stefani. Climate pie.

See the fight between Stéfani and Luiza complete here.

Shack with Raissa – Poll The Farm 12

Raissa Barbosa breaks the bathroom door at A Fazenda 2020
Raissa Barbosa breaks the bathroom door at A Fazenda 2020 (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Raissa Barbosa got angry with Luiza Ambiel and even broke the bathroom door by kicking it on Friday (16). The two women talked about Carol Narizinho’s departure and the actress’s fight with Stéfani Bays, but the temperature changed when Raissa questioned the gossip made by Luiza for Biel during the night. The actress didn’t like it and said, “And the way you went up to Carol the other day, what’s up?”

Raissa started to cry and recalled the quarrel with the ex-panicat. However, Luiza continued to criticize Vice-Miss Bumbum and told the people to keep her opinion, which stressed her for good.

The model responded by kicking the bedroom door, then locked herself in the bathroom and kicked the stall until it broke a piece of the door.

End of friendship with Jojo – Poll A Fazenda 12

On Saturday, the 17th, Luiza went after Jojo Todynho to try to reconcile the friendship, but the conversation ended up having a mouthful.

The owner of the hit “Que Tiro Foi Esse” had not talked to Luiza since the paoa gossiped to Biel what Mariano had said about him. The attitude of Gugu’s former bathtub went badly with almost the entire house, and Luisa remains isolated in the game.

Jojo made it clear that he does not intend to wipe the latest events at A Fazenda 2020. “I admire your story, what you went through to get where you were. But attitudes that I have been gathering for some time have disappointed me. I will talk cordially, but I don’t want to have contact. For admiring you and being affectionate, you are the last person I want to leave me. So that this does not happen, what is said is left unsaid and each one in his square ”, said the singer.

Luiza continued to argue and said that what Jojo was doing was not right. Jojo replied to a colleague that she was putting herself as a victim and closed the matter: “There’s nothing to talk about. Subject closed. If I am wrong out there in what I am seeing and in what I think, I will apologize ”.

“If when I go out there, if everything I found is wrong, whether you accept it or not I will send a direct asking for forgiveness,” said Jojo at another time, also saying that he ended his friendship with the peoa over there at A Fazenda 2020 .

After all, is Luiza being wronged? Vote for poll The Farm 12.


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