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SIPP, SNAPP, SNUTE: Agnete «Agnetesh» Husebye and dance partner Bjørn Wettre Holthe are out of «Skal vi danse». Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

Nate Kahungu got another chance in “Skal vi danse”, got 40 points from the judges – and went on in Saturday’s broadcast.

VG follows Saturday’s “Skal vi danse” live, and updates the case continuously.

Two participants smoked out of Saturday’s “Skal vi danse” after last week’s voting trouble, where “Love Island” profile Nate Kahungu (24) smoked out, but re-entered the competition after the voting trouble.

On Saturday, he took a cruel revenge and was rewarded with a full pot – 40 points – by the judges.

It helped that the 24-year-old escaped the dance duel, which this time was between Siri Kristiansen, Michael Andreassen and Agnete “Agnetesh” Huseby. In the end, it became clear that it was Agnete Husebye and Siri Kristiansen who had to leave the competition.

– It’s hard to break out, but it did not come as a shock either, really. It is of course sad and awkward to leave the competition. It has been our everyday life for two months now, says Husebye to VG.

OUTSIDE: Siri Kristiansen and dance partner Tarjei Svalastog are out of this autumn’s “Skal vi danse”. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

The pair received only 22 points from the judges on Saturday, and 50 points in total with the points from last weekend.

– The odds were worse now. Usually it is 50-50 chance to move on, while it was now one third chance. In that sense, the odds were not entirely on our side, says dance partner Bjørn Wettre Holth.

However, they will not blame the voting trouble last weekend.

– There is something about the fact that we can not focus on what we can not do anything about. What is in our hands is the dance, the rest is not with us, says Holthe.

VG updates the case.

VG spoke with Nate Kahungu during the break after he had received a full pot from the judges:

– It’s incredibly nice to show this dance, that’s what I’m most proud of. To show the message. The points are a bonus, the message is the most important.

The message for the 24-year-old was that many – still – believe that racism does not exist.

– That was what we wanted to bring out in Hkeem’s song. How we minorities experience racism. Even if it does not happen to the same degree as in other countries, it is not okay. That is what is most important.

– How have you felt on your body?

– I have felt it in the way that being black means that you can go to a store and be chased by security guards. Or that someone moves on the bus. Messages on social media. It is hidden under a chair because people do not shout about it. And now I am in a position where I can show it, he says.


– It’s not like I was blacked out three years ago. In a grotesque way you get used to it. Many people expect it to be the way it is, but it is not. Collected as a unit, we’re just shit tired. We are not the ones to take that fight, because we are not the ones promoting racism.

This week, TV 2 has worked hard to ensure that the voting trouble last week will not happen again.

Did you see this one? Birgit Skarstein got a full pot in “Skal vi danse” last Saturday:

This is how it went on Saturday night:

Marte Bratberg and dance partner Benjamin Jayakoddy were first out.

– That’s how we want the first dance. Dead good! You were perhaps a little too static, said dance judge Egor Filipenko after they had finished their show dance.

The duo was rewarded with 33 points on Saturday, and also takes with them 36 points from last Saturday.

Birgit Skarstein and dance partner Philip Raabe were rewarded with 36 points in Saturday’s broadcast, and also take with them 40 points from last. Judge Tore Pettersson gave the pair ten points.

– I got tears in my eyes for the first time in five years after I started in “Skal vi danse”. You showed that you were equal on the dance floor, he said in the program.

Former ski star Thomas Alsgaard and dance partner Rikke Lund got 26 points.

– I sat and smiled. There was a side of Thomas we have not seen. It’s about performing there and then and you did, Judge Trine Dehli Cleve said after Alsgaard and Rikke had danced.

40 POINTS: Nate Kahungu and dance partner Helene Spilling got 40 points from the four judges on Saturday night. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

The same judge thought that Agnete “Agnetesh” and dance partner Bjørn Wettre Holthe have more to go on. They got only 22 points.

– I feel maybe I would have had more development in program seven, it will be too confusing, she said.

– You tell your story with an extreme empathy. This is exactly how hip hop should be, because I see you, said Merete Lingjærde after Nate and Helene Spilling had danced.

They were rewarded with four 10s and thus 40 points.

– It’s nice to see you, it hit me. All the movements came from something. This was beautiful, said judge Tore Pettersson after Siri Kristiansen had danced with her dance partner, Tarjei.

The pair scored 32 points on Saturday.

Michael Andreassen and partner Ewa Trela ​​got 32 points, after ending up at the very bottom of the points scale from the judges a week ago.

– It was absolutely king. Beautiful, I enjoyed myself, Judge Egor Filipenko said afterwards.

Physicist Andreas Wahl and dance partner Mai Mentzoni also impressed on the floor and were the second couple to get a full pot on Saturday with four 10s.

– A beautiful choreography. The best I’ve seen in many years. This was the whole emotional register, said Merete Lingjærde after the dance.

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Here are the referee points on Saturday night:

1. Marte & Benjamin – 33 points, a total of 69 points
2. Birgit & Philip – 36 points, a total of 76 points
3. Thomas & Rikke – 26 points, a total of 52 points
4. Agnete & Bjørn – 22 points, a total of 50 points
5. Nate & Helene – 40 points, a total of 68 points
6. Siri & Tarjei – 32 points, a total of 60 points
7. Michael & Ewa – 32 points, a total of 57 points
8. Andreas & Mai – 40 points, a total of 73 points

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