“It is dangerous to devalue risk”; Brussels against confinement


Portugal beat, this Wednesday, the daily record of infections since the beginning of pandemic, having registered more than two thousand new infections one day. Moments before these figures were known, António Costa announced the return of the state of calamity to the country, assuming that the situation “is serious”. This Thursday, the Público newspaper anticipates an interview with the Prime Minister, which will be published in the whole tomorrow, in which Costa says that he felt “very clearly that there had to be a shake” to “send a signal” to the Portuguese that it is necessary to change behavior. The Executive leader also warned: “If I can swear on my feet together that dramatic steps won’t be taken? I can’t. It’s a matter of common sense. But we have to avoid it.”

In the same vein, the Minister of Health, Marta Temido, and the Minister of State and the Presidency yesterday granted two interviews in which they made it known that the numbers that were registered were already expected. Mariana Vieira da Silva defended that with “the time passing, there is a certain relaxation because we have lived with this for a few months, and the fear is also going down”. Despite the worsening situation, both leaders argued that the idea of ​​a “new confinement“is to be removed.

Meanwhile abroad, Germany also broke a record in the number of infections daily, when registering, this Thursday, 6,638 new cases of the disease.

See the evolution maps pandemic of the new coronavirus in Portugal and in the World.

Follow HERE THE MINUTE the latest developments on the Covid-19 in Portugal and the rest of the World:

12h20 – Almost 10 million people have already been tested in the Chinese city of Qingdao, within four days, after the discovery of a small outbreak of the new coronavirus

11h56 – THE Left Block is in favor of mandatory use of the mask on public roads, but is opposed to the mandatory use of the application Stayaway Covid and today admitted to asking the law to be unconstitutional if passed.

11h38 – A World Health Organization (WHO) stated today that the number of new daily cases of infection like New coronavirus in Europe is higher than the first months of pandemic, but the number of deaths covid-19 is inferior.

11h21 – Christian Four has no doubt that Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who recently returned to training after being diagnosed with a infection for the new coronavirus, will perform at the best level in the derby next Saturday, against Inter Milan. “I believe he accelerated on the treadmill every day … Some say that the Covid-19 had a bad idea when challengeit. Mentally, he is stronger than everyone else. He will play the derby with a cigarette in his mouth, believe me “, he shot.

11:15 am – London will have additional restrictions to contain the pandemic covid-19, with the prohibition of socialization between different families in indoor spaces starting on Saturday, indicated the president of the Chambertimes From london, Faithful Khan.

11h08 – A European Commission today presented the vaccination strategy for pandemic of covid-19, ensuring that, when available, all Member States will have access, on a population-based basis.

10h59 – Costa has already submitted a draft recovery plan to the European Commission. Speaking to journalists, the prime minister said that “we cannot be afraid to watch the numbers increase and not react”. He added that “it is very dangerous to devalue risk”.

10h20 – THE Italian government is considering changing school schedules so that they do not coincide with working hours, so that students leave school at times that do not coincide with the time when people leave work. THE objective is to relieve public transport, writes the agency Efe.

10h10 – THE Government of the Azores decided to extend until 24:00 on 23 October the situation of public calamity in the five islands with aerial connection to the outside of the archipelago, keeping the remaining four on alert.

10h08 – Africa recorded a further 254 deaths in the last 24 hours due to covid-19, for a total of 39,122, with 1,603,982 infected, another 11,433, according to the latest data pandemic not continent.

10:00 – A Russia this Thursday hit the record number of daily deaths in the country, with 286 victims in the last 24 hours. As for the number of cases, 13,754 new cases have been registered since yesterday. infections. In total, since the beginning of pandemic, 1,354,163 contracted the virus and 23,491 people died.

09h30 – A Hungary recorded in the last 24 hours 29 new deaths from covid-19, the highest number since the beginning of pandemic, the country’s health authorities announced today.

09h20 – The Prime Minister, António Costa, announced yesterday that the level of alert for a calamity situation in the national territory will be raised, a decision accompanied by a set of new measures, aimed at halting the expansion of pandemic. Review them:

  • More supervision and fines heavier defaults in stores and restaurants
  • Wedding, baptized and other family parties with a limit of 50 people
  • Prohibition of gatherings of more than 5 people
  • Academic celebrations prevented
  • Masks on public road and app StayAway Covid: Between appeal and compulsion

09h10 – The World Health Organization said on Wednesday that young people can only have access to the vaccine against Covid-19 in 2022, given that health authorities will prioritize older people and risk groups first.

08h41 – StayAway Covid. Associação D3 – Defense of Digital Rights admits to proceed with a precautionary measure to stop the obligation to install the application StayAway Covid and argues that “the Apps mandatory do not belong to a democratic Europe “.

8h06 – New measures? “I felt very clearly that there had to be a shake-up”. The Prime Minister says that the new measures enacted on Wednesday because of the pandemic, which include the declaration of the state of calamity, arose because it was necessary to give the country a shake to change its behavior.

07h05 – A average household effort rate on indebtedness supported by Deco since the beginning of pandemic was at the end of September at 80%, a value that the association considers “very worrying” when many still benefit from credit default.

07h00 – The social network YouTube followed the example of Facebook and banned the publication of videos with misinformation vaccines, at a stage when clinical trials of vaccines against covid-19 continue to run.

06h55 – THE Thai government decreed a state of emergency this morning due to the pro-democracy protests in front of the Government House, with the authorities detaining some of its leaders.

06h52 – The Mercy workers today are on strike, in defense of better wage conditions, claiming the payment of duties instituted more than 20 years ago and the compensation due for work during the pandemic of covid-19.

06h46 – Brain affected. A study by more than 70 Brazilian researchers indicates that the new coronavirus can to affect the brain and cause the death of neurons, even in mild patients, who have not needed hospital treatment.

06h44 – THE president of a hospital and the director of the Health Commission from the city of Qingdaoin northeastern China were laid off after a new outbreak of Covid-19 no country.

06h42 – A Argentina announced the return of domestic flights, buses and long-distance trainsncia, after seven months of quarantine, but maintained the ban on domestic tourism and international flights for foreigners.

06h36 – The Health Commission of China reported today that the country diagnosed 11 cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, including a local in the province of Shandong.

06h31 – A India authorizes, as of today, the reopening of schools and cinemas, closed since March to combat pandemic, at a time when the Asian giant has more than 7.3 million cases.

06h24 – THE Government and social partners they meet today to discuss the next European Council and the State Budget for 2021 (OE2021).

06h19 – A Germany registered 6,638 infected like New coronavirus in the last 24 hours, a record since the beginning of pandemic.

06h12 – THE Mexico registered 478 deaths caused by the new coronavirus in the last 24 hours, in addition to 4,056 new infections, Mexican health officials reported.

06h08 – The European Union Heads of State and Government meet again in Brussels, between today and Friday, for a summit dedicated mainly to the ‘Brexi‘, relations with Africa and to pandemic gives covid-19.

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I started the day in Brussels with a meeting with the President of @europeanparliament, David Sassoli. We talked about the ongoing negotiations on the future multiannual financial framework and the main topics on the agenda for the European summit today and tomorrow. Brussels, 15 October 2020. #antoniocosta #Prime Minister #xxiigoverno #republicaportuguesa #European Parliament #europeanparliament #davidsassoli #Brussels #Brussels #belgica #Belgium #portugal (Photos: Clara Azevedo)

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06h06 – The United States registered 794 deaths and 52,160 cases of infection for the new coronavirus in the past 24 hours, according to an independent count from Johns Hopkins University.

06h04 – Two 97 cases of Covid-19 identified on Wednesday at Mansão de São José home in Beja, 83 are users, with one of them, a woman, admitted to the hospital, revealed the Local Health Unit of Baixo Alentejo (ULSBA).

06h00 – Mainland Portugal entered at 00:00 today in a calamity situation due to the increase in the number of covid-19, with new restrictive rules to halt the expansion of pandemic.

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