– It is very special for me


Lars-Jørgen Salvesen enjoys great trust in Strømsgodset. On Sunday, he will again try to score against the old club.

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Lars-Jørgen Salvesen has played all the matches for Strømsgodset this season. Photo: Trond Reidar Teigen / NTB

– I have only met Start once since I left here. So it’s very special to me. I felt a little extra about it when we had the analysis of Start just. There were pictures of people I have played a lot with and who are good friends.

Lars-Jørgen Salvesen talks to Fædrelandsvennen a few days before his Strømsgodset will meet Start. When the teams met for the first round of the series, Salvesen scored one of the two goals in the match which eventually ended in a draw.

When Start arrives in Drammen on Sunday, it is to try to capture a long-awaited away win.

– I think Start has a good team and has been very good, but unlucky this year. It is undeserved that they are where they are, says Salvesen.

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– Scores too little

It is over two years since the Hellemyr boy was sold to Ull / Kisa from Start in the summer of 2018. At that time, playing time was far away in Start. His career flourished in Kisa, before the road went on to Sarpsborg. Last summer he was brought to Strømsgodset.

There he enjoys great trust under Danish Henrik Pedersen. Only two outfielders have played more minutes than Salvesen in the Eliteserien this season.

Lars-Jørgen Salvesen scores a goal against Start in the first round of the series this season. Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder

– The season has been quite good. I had very high expectations of myself, but may not have met completely. I play pretty much everything and I feel I am an important player for the team, but I think I score too little, says Salvesen.

He stands with seven goals this season. As many as Start’s top scorer Eirik Schulze.

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– Tempting

In terms of play, Salvesen has obviously interested other clubs. This summer, VG could tell that a top Swiss club had submitted a bid for the striker. Just before the transfer window closed in October, Eurosport announced that Bodø / Glimt was interested in the light hair.

– There were some offers there that were tempting, but there were never any personal negotiations. I thrive very well here and think it is the right place for my development and my type of playing style. Then I still have big ambitions, but I think there will be opportunities, says Salvesen.

– Are you impatient to get out?

– No, I’m not impatient. Then I would not have extended with Godset, says Salvesen, who recently signed a contract until 2023 with the club.

– I understand the interest. I do not know which Norwegian striker plays in the Eliteserien which is more interesting than “Salve”, said Godset coach Henrik Pedersen according to Drammens Tidende.

– Did it very well

Sports manager at Godset Jostein Flo says the club is very happy with the jobs Kristiansander has done for them.

– He has played very well and grown very fast. He fits in very well with our way of playing. He has done very well, and as a consequence there will be interest around him, says Flo to Fædrelandsvennen.

Jostein Flo, sports manager at Strømsgodset. Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / BILDBYRÅN NORWAY

The former top striker highlights Salvesen’s physique, among other things, and says that “if there is anything stronger than me, it is him”.

– He has great potential. There are not many strikers with such size, range and pace. In addition, he has a good left foot. Then he has had some adversity. You need that to be good, says Flo.

Salvesen himself says he thrives well. Finally, he plays firmly in an elite league team.

– This is what I have worked for all these years. Playing time means extremely much. Therefore, I am not in a hurry to move on, says Salvesen.



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