‘It was bitten by an angry dog’


Maitê Proença responded to the comments of Maria Zilda, who in September, during a conversation with Carolina Ferraz, stated that her colleague would only participate in their lives if she was paid, because she “likes money a lot”.

In an interview with Veja Rio, published today, Maitê was harsh in her criticisms of the actress, questioning whether “she has done something constructive” and mocking that she “was bitten by an angry dog”.

“Has she done anything constructive or just defamed the life of those who always helped her? I couldn’t help her when she invited me to a live and she became hateful. Or else she was bitten by an angry dog. She’ll know”, she provoked Maitê, 62, when questioned by the magazine.

Also in September, in an interview with the channel “Na Lata”, by Antônia Fontenelle, Maria Zilda had said that she made a joke against her colleague after she refused an invitation to one of her lives under the pretext that she only participated in videoconferences with return financial.

“I called her as I called the 80 actors who passed through my lives. I called Maitê, who was my friend, really friend. We were nails and cuticles when we did ‘Guerra dos Sexos’ together. I called and said:’ Proencinha (yeah as soon as I call her), let’s do a live with me. And she told me she only did it when she was paid or as a job advertisement. It’s her right, I didn’t criticize, I didn’t say it was wrong to act like that. it takes away the respect and admiration I have for her “, she explained at the time.


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