– It will be very fun, completely cow-cow


Former P3 profile Silje Nordnes will lead a new program concept on NRK in the future. It writes the state channel itself Friday morning. The program is based on the South Korean concept “The Masked Singer”, and involves a panel guessing which masked celebrity has sung for them.

The concept has been a great success in the states in recent years, and now NRK wants a piece of the pie. The program has been named “Maskorama”, and premieres on Saturday 7 November.

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– It will be very fun, completely cow-cow, she says to her own channel.

It is not just Nordnes that will be seen on the screen in the future. Jan Thomas, Marion Ravn and Nicolay Ramm will be on the panel, and will thus guess which disguised celebrity they have just heard singing. The audience will also take part in the guessing game.

A separate app will be created, where people can choose their favorites. The participant with the fewest favorite markings, or votes, must take off his mask, reveal himself and leave the competition. Thus, one does not know who the winner is before the last broadcast.

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The panel is in no doubt that they think it will be an exciting autumn.

– Norway: Fasten your seat belt! Saturday night will never be the same again, says Jan Thomas in a press release.

The masks will be designed by Kjell Nordström, also known as Baron Von Bulldog. When the masked singers do not sing live, their voices must be distorted. Thus, it is only their singing voice that we hear. Hints should also be given to who the singers are throughout the season, but not all hints are necessarily true.

“Maskorama” will be broadcast for six weeks. Eight participants will be present, but only one will be left in the end.

- I was standing on bare ground after the break

– I was standing on bare ground after the break

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