Italy breaks record and has the highest number of active cases of covid


With the new record of 10,925 contagions due to coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2) in 24 hours, Italy has also reached the highest number of active cases of the disease since the beginning of the pandemic: there are 116,935 people fighting the disease, according to a bulletin released by Ministry of Health this Saturday (17).

Italy will have new decree with anti-Covid health rules between Sunday and Monday

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The peak of active cases – a calculation that excludes deaths and cures – had been recorded on April 19, when there were 108,257 people simultaneously with Covid-19. Since then, for six months, the numbers have been decreasing daily, reaching the minimum of the period on July 30, when 12,230 active cases were recorded.

Of the nearly 117,000 contaminated, 93.7% of the people are in isolation at home (109,613). 705 are already hospitalized in intensive care units (ICUs), 67 more than on Friday (16), and 6,617 are hospitalized.

Most of the patients admitted to the ICUs and other medical departments are in the Lazio region (98 in the ICU and 1,043 in the others), followed by Lombardy (96 and 943, respectively) and Campania (75 and 817).

In the matter of new contagions, only Lombardy exceeded two thousand contagions in one day, with 2,664. Campania followed with 1,410. In all, since February, Italy has had 402,536 people infected, most of whom have been cured (249,127). The diagnoses of patients considered cured increased by 1,255 in the period.

The number of victims, however, decreased compared to the sixth: there were 47 against 55 on Friday. As a result, the total number of deaths from the new coronavirus since February is 36,474.

– Cases in the week break a record: The cases of the week also broke a record between 11 and 17 October, closing at 53,047. The previous record had been set between March 22 and 28, when it was 38,894.

The moving average of deaths also rose again, reaching 47 in the last seven days, as well as that of cases, which reached 7,578 in the last seven days. .

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