Italy continues to escalate the spread of the new coronavirus – News


This Sunday (18th) was the 5th consecutive day in which the notification of new cases is the highest since the beginning of the pandemic, with more than 11 thousand cases

This Sunday (18), Italy registered 11,705 more cases of infection by the new coronavirus, in another day of high, amid a sequence of record in the contagion of the pathogen that causes the covid-19, which will lead the government of the country to tighten the measures to contain the pandemic.

Today was the fifth consecutive day that the notification of new cases is the highest since the beginning of the pandemic. Compared to the previous day’s bulletin, there were almost 800 more. The total number of cases since February 21, with that, jumped to 414,241.

In addition, over the course of yesterday, the number of diagnostic tests for the new coronavirus was again reached, with approximately 146,500 performed.

The number of deaths reported over this Saturday was 69, bringing the total to 36,543 across Italy.

Currently, there are 126,327 active cases of infection with the new coronavirus in the country, most of whom have no symptoms. In hospitals, there are 7,881 patients treated at Covid-19, with 750 in intensive care units.

New restrictive measures

Today, the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, will give a press conference, still without a set time, to announce the new restriction measures that will be imposed by the government, to reduce the contagion and try to avoid the saturation of the health system.

Among the likely changes should be the authorization for pharmacies to carry out diagnostic tests.

In addition, one of the points of greatest debate was to get bars, restaurants and similar establishments to continue closing their doors at 0 am during the week – if they do not have table service, at 9 pm.

Regional government officials, in fact, would be willing to force the closure early, at 6 pm, in places that serve food for customers, in order to avoid crowding. It could only be sold for delivery or for the consumer to take home.

Currently, the regions with the most cases are Lombardy, which was once the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic in the first wave of spread, Campania and Veneto.


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