It’s a blow! More than 15 thousand Brazilians have their WhatsApp cloned daily – 10/16/2020


The number of Brazilians who had their WhatsApp accounts cloned reached 15,000 per day in the last month of September alone. The data comes from an analysis by dfndr lab, digital security laboratory of the Brazilian company PSafe.

São Paulo leads the number of attacks, with 107 thousand people affected, followed by Rio de Janeiro, with 60 thousand, and Minas Gerais with 43 thousand. Compared to the previous month, the number of victims was 25% higher. The study projects that more than 473,000 people were victims of the coup, which dispenses with complex techniques.

In these cases, scammers convince the user to enter the six-digit code sent by WhatsApp via SMS message, which is needed to log into the account on another cell phone, by phone. And for that, several devices are used to convince the victim – from researching their history on social networks to the use of fake invitations from artists, presenters and journalists to events.

Recently, an audio with the scammer explaining the crime step by step went viral. He goes so far as to say that he managed to withdraw R $ 6,000 in two days.

“The success of this technique depends on the relationship established between the scammer and the victim, who tries to gain his trust, and the most common is the request for loans and / or the payment of bills. Therefore, the best way to avoid these cyber attacks is prevention “, explains Emilio Simoni, director of the dfndr lab.

WhatsApp reported in a note to Tilt, which does not comment on third-party research. The app said it implemented an alert in the account verification messages, warning its users not to share the code received via SMS. This password is personal and provides the necessary security for the user to access the account.


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