“It’s called losing weight and getting fat”


Luísa Sonza decided to refute a comment from a follower regarding his physical appearance, this Friday (16).

It all started after the blonde shared a video on her official Instagram account, in which she appeared dancing to her new song, a partnership with Leo Santana.

When faced with the post, an internet user left a question about the face of the beloved of Vitão.

“Is it in my head or is your face different? It looks like you did the procedure on the apple,” he said.

With no tongue in cheek, Sonza explained that sometimes it comes with a different look for losing and gaining weight easily.

“Guys, this is called losing weight and getting fat, my face changes because I live losing weight and getting fat fast (it depends a lot on how much I work and my stress level). So you think I did / do a lot of things in guy being that in reality it has nothing to do “, he explained.


Luísa Sonza he used his Twitter, last Thursday (15), to make an outburst about the new phase of his life. She has suffered attacks from haters since taking up her relationship with Vitãoin September, five months after the end of the marriage with Whindersson Nunes.

“Relax, everything will pass. Sometimes over you, but it will.” she wrote on social media.

Besides that, Vitão has also been attacked. During a meeting with fans, the artist was embarrassed because of a fake photo in which he appears praising the ex-couple Whindersson e Luisa.

In this ocasion, Nunes spoke up to support the famous: “I don’t agree with anyone being embarrassed on the street, unless it’s me, because with my embarrassment I know how to cope. You have done social isolation to save as many people as possible, not just those who you like it, stop the wrong wave “, he said.

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