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FAMOUS NAMES: Mats Trygg (left) and goalkeeper Lars Haugen make up the defensive line in Manglerud Star. Here from the hockey magazine to VG before this year’s season. Photo: Bjørn S. Delebekk

(Frisk Asker – Manglerud Star 4–2) Mats Trygg made his debut in the elite series 26 (!) Years ago, but against Frisk Asker on Thursday he clearly had the most ice time of all. – He must take care, is the message from twin brother Marius.

For almost half of his life, Mats Trygg has skated around on ice-covered tracks in Norway, Sweden and Germany. The incredible career started for the team then called Spektrum Flyers – a merger of Manglerud and Furuset – in 1994.

In 2002, a new Trygg debuted for Manglerud Star: Mathias Trygg. And 18 years later, he is now the player with the seventh most elite league games of all time, according to Eliteprospects.

So you can safe say that the surname is left in the walls around Norwegian hockey halls. And now it is again the holiest hall of all that applies to both Trygg brothers. The garage. Manglerud ice rink.

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And it has started terrific. In three games, Mats already has three goalscorers, while Mathias has scored four goals (both lost the series start against Vålerenga). Marius Trygg, who himself resigned as Manglerud player four years ago, is impressed that the brothers still maintain a sky-high level.

– It’s very fun to watch. Mats at forty-four keeps the cook with over 20 minutes per game, and does impressively well I think. And Mathias has had a dream start to the season with four goals in one game, which can have a lot to say for him, he says.

He is especially excited about how his twin brother Mats will hold through 40 games. On Thursday night, elder brother Trygg spent 24 minutes and 51 seconds on the ice. Next on the list is 22-year-old Henrik Nilsen with 22:51, and no one at Frisk Asker played more than 17 minutes (except the goalkeepers).

– It was probably a little in excess. He has to make sure it does not become too much, even though I know he has a role that should have a lot of playing time. But 25 minutes is too much for someone who is 44, says the 44-year-old.

IMPORTANT: Mathias Trygg got off to a flying start to the season with four goals against Storhamar. Together with big brother Mats, the Trygg family has been involved in seven goals in three games. Photo: Annika Byrde

On Thursday night, it was the 2019 champion Frisk Asker who stood on the other side of the red center line, but Manglerud Star has shown that they are not intimidated by the giants so far.

Joachim Hermansen sent the away team in the lead early on a slightly lucky return, but the Asker team responded with Viktor Granholm and Hampus Gustafsson before the first period was over.

The teams scored once each in the middle period (Bobby Macintyre and Hermansen again), before Gustafsson weeded out all MS hopes in 5-on-3 midway through the last period.

Then MS goalkeeper Lars Haugen reacted as follows:

The match ended 4-2, and Frisk Asker is now right up in the back of league leader Vålerenga. Storhamar has also signed up again with its 2-1 victory against Narvik.

Today’s big shock came in Fredrikstad, where Stjernen lost 2-5 against Grüner. The home team led 1-0 and 2-1, but then it completely fell to the team from the capital. Grüner thus won his first away match in the elite series, and Trym Auren became the match’s big player with two goals.

In Stavanger, there was also a turnaround operation. The Oilers led 2-0 after only five minutes, but Lillehammer kept a cool head and turned to a 4-2 victory.

This means that Stavanger Oilers is now third last in the table in the Fjordkraft League:

  1. Vålerenga – 12 points
  2. Frisk Asker – 12
  3. Storhamar – 9
  4. Sparta Sarpsborg – 6
  5. Lillehammer – 6
  6. Manglerud Star – 5
  7. Greener – 4
  8. Stavanger – 3
  9. Narvik – 3
  10. The star – 3

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