“It’s love, it’s just another love”


Iwill Domingues and Angelo Rodrigues have been seen together in recent times on several occasions. The closeness between the ex-couple became evident and sparked rumors of a possible reconciliation.

Speaking to SIC Caras’ ‘Red Carpet’ program, VAT Domingues again commented on the topic and made it clear, once again, that the two are just friends.

“We have dinner when we have dinner … and we go to the beach, because we are really friends,” he says, explaining that the two are together whenever they need each other.

“It is love that is here, only it is another love and it is for life. And that is it. And I do not say this with ulterior motives, what we have is so peaceful”, guarantees, realizing that the ex-couple is now in “another phase”.

“We are literally in the ‘friend zone’ but there is a lot of love involved … of course,” he says.

But will VAT already have new love? The presenter of TVI she says she is single but ready to love again.

“I am not looking, but it is part of my plans. I prefer to be accompanied than alone, but I am quite alone and I am not looking,” she says, finally revealing that when she has a new boyfriend she will not make the relationship public.

“I will not hide it, but I prefer to live more secretly”, he defends. “I think with the Angelo it was a lot of exposure. I think network exposure [sociais] it won’t happen “, ends.

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