It’s not just in Brazil! Man arrested after hiding gold bars on buttocks in India


It is not only in Brazil that people are detained after hiding money, gold or other objects between their buttocks, as in the case of the former deputy government leader in the Senate, Chico Rodrigues (DEM-RR), who hid R $ 30,000, in kind, in underwear during the police approach this week. This time, officers from the air intelligence unit found four gold bars, totaling the weight of almost a kilo, inserted into a man’s buttocks at India’s Kannur airport.

According to the Daily Star website, the Indian was on a flight by the airline GoAir from Dubai and the unusual decision to hide the gold bars on his body happened in order not to pay an 18% tax for the products. In total, the gold seized from the man totals 60,000 pounds (about R $ 434,000), according to the Daily Mail website.

It all started when the airport staff began to distrust the man for walking “awkwardly” through space.

At this point, the team decided to call the officers of the air intelligence unit to detain and search the suspect. When officers were taken to the assessment area at the travel center and searched, four gold bars were hidden in the man’s buttocks.

According to the Khaleej Times website, another man – who was on the same flight as the suspect who had inserted gold bars into his buttocks – was also caught carrying 1,316 grams of gold wrapped around his ankles.

It was not informed whether the men were arrested, but the gold bars will certainly need “extra” cleaning.


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