I’ve never felt so sick. Sousa Martins from TVI reveals covid-19 nightmare – National


The deputy director of TVI was infected with the new coronavirus and guarantees that even today he does not know how he got the virus. “I’m very careful,” he explained Joaquim Sousa Martins, after recovering from covid-19. And he guarantees that he was “very sick” and assures that “this is not a cold.” “I already broke my arms, I had meningitis, I already had everything, but I never felt so sick”, assures Joaquim Sousa Martins, who was infected at home. The journalist revealed that the woman was also infected and that both had some breathing problems, many body aches. “You never know what tomorrow will be like,” he said, warning that covid-19 is not a “flu, this is worse than a flu”. “There is a psychological side. In a flu, you know when that happens, here you spend every day waking up tomorrow, will I have breathing problems”. Sousa Martins, who was in the ‘Programa da Cristina’, revealed that he lived complicated moments with the infection and that the woman had more breathing problems than him. “I was a little scared but luckily it was not at all acute,” he explained.


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