Iza becomes creative director of Olympikus and will launch collection in 2021


The singer Iza has a new endeavor in the fashion world: she joined the creative direction team of Olympikus, a Brazilian sporting goods brand. In the ad, the brand also promised that Iza will sign a new collection, scheduled for March 2021.

The collection will bring pieces for the practice of physical activities and also, following the trend athleisure, options for daily use in comfort and style. But first, Iza helps Olympikus to promote two new models of casual sneakers, the CS1 and OLY 001.

“Much more than an ambassador, Iza arrives to add to the creative team with her sophisticated and artistic vision in the campaigns from now on,” declared the brand.

The singer said that “art can take many forms”, and that she is “very happy to take her references and style also to the world of fashion and sport”.

“I see what we wear as a form of expression, and understanding how the premises of comfort, technology and fashion materialize in photos, campaigns, colors and products is a professional development that fills me with happiness. You don’t miss out on waiting for the news!”, completed.


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