Jakelyne Oliveira and Jojo Todynho told details of the fight between Mariano and Biel


Biel and Mariano argued at dawn today, in “A Fazenda 2020”, after a gossip by Luiza Ambiel. However, the images were not shown by Playplus, the reality show’s streaming platform, but Jakelyne Oliveira and Jojo Todynho revealed parts of the fight.

In conversation at the tree house, the women even celebrated the disagreement caused by Luiza Ambiel as she ended up exposing the actress as the cause of chaos within the confines of RecordTV’s reality.

“The good thing is that the whole house knows what happened. You can’t make yourself a victim. She said, Biel went to the room and confronted, said Jake.

“Biel arrived in the living room, sat on the chair and said to Mariano: ‘there, there’s a soft stick outside. Take it there and give it to me.’ Hit me. Something like that he said”, added Jojo.

Stéfani Bays was annoyed to be in the room at the moment the actress decided to gossip to the funkeiro. “I was there and I seem to agree with here,” he said.

The model continued to spoil the discussion between Biel and Mariano.

You don’t need to go to MS (Mato Grosso do Sul) to beat me up. Just get one out there and come up. I know you said “, he explained.

“You know what’s the worst. A boy like that will be in the final,” shot Sté.

Jojo did not hide that she was shocked by the funkeiro’s stance of having said that she would like a farm with the sertanejo.

You don’t even know what he said to Mariano ‘I wanted to be in the fields with you “


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