Jane di Castro, actress and singer, dies at 73, in Rio


(photo: Reproduo)

The actress and singer Jane di Castro died, this Friday (23/10), vtima cancer in the liver, at 73 years of age. According to G1, she was hospitalized in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, at the Ipanema hospital. Still in 2020, the artist participated in LGBTQIA + virtual parades, a community which has always been considered a cone and recognized for its representativeness.

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1947, raised in Osvaldo Cruz, Jane di Castro worked for a time as hairdresser in a beauty salon located in Copacabana. At the end of the 1960s, he started his artistic career at Teatro Dulcina. In her career as an actress, she participated in the soap opera Fora do wanting, of 2017, which currently replaces Fina estampa in the reprise.

In addition, Jane di Castro premiered the show Divinas divas in 2004, which remained ten years running. Beside her were Rogria, Brigitte de Bzios, Camille K and Elona of Leopards. The artist was also in the show Gay fantasy, directed by Bibi Ferreira, together with Ney Latorraca, Marlene Casanova and Rogria.

On the social networks

Responsible for bringing more representativeness to the artistic, musical and musical environment, Jane di Castro leaves the legacy for future generations. On social media, users and celebrities mourn the death of the singer, as well as thank everyone questions raised and the life story.


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