Jane di Castro lived a love story for over 50 years with Otavio Bonfim


Jane di Castro’s life was not only limited to her performances and her talent displayed on television and in the theater. For 51 years, the artist lived a relationship with the businessman Otavio Bonfim, who died in October 2018, and with whom he made the union official in 2014.

In 1967, Jane, at the age of 20, was playing with the show “May come hot I’m boiling,” at Teatro Rival. Newly arrived from Bahia, Otavio, who at the time was 19, was driven to watch the play when he was enchanted by the girl who printed the montage leaflet. To get attention, the boy sent a note to the dressing room where the actress was preparing, saying the position in which he was sitting in the audience. From then on, the two would never leave.

Jane di Castro and Otavio Bonfim Photo: Frame from the film “Divinas Divas”

Jane and Otavio resisted and challenged prejudice over the years in Brazil

“A policeman asked Otavio if he was not ashamed to be with someone like me. He then had to ask the military not to take me prisoner to leave in peace. At the beginning of the relationship, the performer took the new boyfriend to live with This family life, however, lasted until her brother kicked them out of the house claiming that “people were already talking about the situation,” recalled Jane, in an interview with GLOBO in 2018, an episode that happened right after they met.

From that episode, the two began to build their lives together, but nothing to make the marriage official. The couple had to wait 46 years before they could both call each other husband and wife. In 2014, Jane and Otavio first made a stable union agreement and then married civilly in a collective ceremony.

Jane and Otavio got married in 2014
Jane and Otavio got married in 2014 Photo: Ana Branco


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