Japan’s Universal Studios to open Nintendo area in April 2021


In April 2021, Universal Studios’ theme park in Osaka, Japan, will open an area entirely dedicated to Nintendo. The Super Nintendo World will be the complex’s first space in the world based on the characters and universes of the famous Japanese game and console developer and publisher.

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In the future, other leisure centers of the group spread across the planet should receive similar areas. One of the most highly rated is Orlando. It is speculated that the first American Super Nintendo World is one of the great stars of the new Universal’s Epict Universe park, scheduled to open in 2023.

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios

The Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Japan will feature themed attractions inspired by Mario Kart and Yoshi. In addition, the colorful area will feature restaurants, shops and exclusive experiences.

Among them, the opportunity to wear a bracelet called Power Up Band to participate in interactive activities, such as jumping, hitting blocks and collecting coins and virtual items. Everything to feel like playing Super Mario in the real world.

Mario Cafe & Store

Even before the official opening of Super Nintendo World, fans will be able to get a taste of what’s available in the area with the opening of the world’s first Mario Cafe & Store. The space, which will run from October 16 at Universal Studios in Japan, will offer exclusive Nintendo-themed foods and products.

The exterior of the café and shop will feature giant sculptures of Mario and Luigi’s hats, as well as the famous red and green color scheme of the Mushroom Kingdom. Inside, visitors will find checkered floors inspired by Mario Kart’s iconic racing flags, LED signs and a luminous roof.

Among the items sold at the café will be pancake sandwiches and soft drinks with cream. Drinks can even be served in squeezes in the Super Mushroom format.

In the store, in turn, items related to characters such as Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach will be sold. Bags, smartphone cases, key chains and personalized products will be available.


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