Jean Gorinchteyn: State of SP is leaving the Covid-19 plateau and continues to decrease


However, the Secretary declared that the State did not therefore authorize the reduction of protective measures

MINETO / FUTURA PRESS / ESTADÃO CONTENTAccording to the secretary, it was imagined that herd immunity could only be achieved with about 70% of the people affected

The state health secretary of Sao Paulo, Jean Gorinchteyn, stated that the State not only is it leaving the plateau, it is also decreasing – even in the face of greater testing of cases. THE Covid-19 in São Paulo there has been a reduction in the number of hospitalizations for 10 weeks and a reduction in the number of deaths and cases for eight weeks. According to the secretary, it was imagined that herd immunity could only be achieved with about 70% of people affected by the disease. “As coronavirus we realize that this is not true. Rates below 50% already indicate a large number of people affected. In the same municipality, we saw that the peripheral regions and with difficulty in isolation had 46% of virus circulation. In areas where restrictions were more respected, circulation was less. ”

In an interview with Morning newspaper, gives Young pan, Jean said that not so the State authorized the reduction of protective and sanitary measures. “We are testing for mild symptoms, such as a sore throat or headache. Immediately people in the vicinity quarantine and she in isolation. After the result, about 72h to 96h later, the result comes out. If it comes positive, it is traced through an application. If it comes negative, normal activities are resumed ”, he explained. “This makes it possible to identify the disease early and the potential risks of developing severe forms of it.”

Jean Gorinchteyn that the risk of children and adolescents becoming vectors of the virus is not at school, but in not following the distancing rites at home and in the communities. “This becomes a bigger problem, it is not the school that is the problem. All the measures taken within schools, such as reducing the numbers, which we will first have 30% of the capacity working, the measurement of temperatures, the use of masks, the testing that we will specify better on Wednesday (7). This provides a very high level of security for returning safely ”, he concluded.


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