Jetpack is seen flying over Los Angeles Airport (again)


The American newspaper Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday (14) that employees at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) are investigating complaints about a person using a jetpack in the flight area of ​​the airport.

During the approach of an aerial line, a ground controller alerted the pilot who was preparing to land that an individual using a jetpack was flying over the site at an altitude of about 2,000 meters.

A China Airlines crew member also reported the apparent sighting of a person with a jetpack about 11 km from the airport, around 1:45 pm on Wednesday. After the narratives, the FAA, the civil aviation control agency in the USA, warned local authorities, and is investigating the reports.

Source: David McNew / Getty Images / ReproductionFonte:  David McNew/Getty Images

The first flyby

Incredibly, this is not the first time that a jetpack flyover has taken place on the dangerous LAX perimeter. Last August, two pilots claimed to have seen a man with a jetpack flying over the restricted area.

At the time, the Mashable got in touch with JetPack Aviation, a company next to the airport, which became famous when a man flew around the Statue of Liberty with one of his jet packs.

The company stated that the illegal flyover had nothing to do with its jetpacks, and even raised an even more dangerous assumption: according to engineers, the episode could be a joke made with a drone and a attached mannequin.

According to CNN, the FBI is also participating in the investigations.


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