Joe Biden wins in the battle for television audiences | USA Elections 2020


The former United States vice president and Democratic Party candidate for the presidency of the country won the day against the head of state and candidate for re-election by the Republican Party in Thursday’s hearing. Joe Biden’s ABC interview surpassed Donald Trump’s NBC interview by 1.6 million viewers, according to Nielsen data on the average audience for the two shows.

Both candidates opted for a format of town hall, answering voter questions with the help of a moderator. The President’s session reached an average of 13.5 million viewers over the 60 minutes it lasted. The former vice president achieved an average audience of 15.1 million people.

During the hour in which the two interviews competed minute by minute, Biden surpassed Trump by 14.3 million viewers against the aforementioned 13.5 million, that is, Biden reached 800 thousand more viewers. And in the final 30 minutes, when he was alone, after the Republican candidate’s interview was over, Biden was able to attract even more audience, reaching 16.7 million viewers.

The interviews replaced the debate between the two White House candidates that was scheduled for Thursday night but was canceled because Donald Trump became ill with covid-19.

NBC was widely criticized for broadcasting its interview at that time after ABC released its interview to Biden and the time it would broadcast it, preventing voters from hearing both candidates and having to choose one, forcing a war of audiences that did not help to clarify Americans who wished to attend both.

The Republican Party candidate, responsible for the television “duel”, after his campaign contacted NBC to conduct the interview at the same time – the Republicans would have even suggested that it be done in the same format -, ended up seeing the move back- against you.

Trump, a television veteran, used to dealing with cameras, ended up losing the war of audiences, something he boasts of being king, to a politician he likes to consider as soporific, old and without charisma.

The interviews were not broadcast at the same time across the country. In Los Angeles, for example, while ABC was showing the interview at 5:00 pm Pacific time (1:00 am the next day in mainland Portugal), NBC preferred to broadcast the recording of the Trump debate at 8:00 pm (4:00 am in mainland Portugal).

The figures recorded by Nielsen refer only to people who watched the program on television, not to people who saw the interviews through digital platforms, which in the United States are being used more and more.

The combined audiences for the two interviews fell far short of the number of viewers who saw the first debate between the two candidates. On September 29, the televised clash between Trump and Biden had 73.1 million people watching on 16 different television networks. A second debate is scheduled for next Thursday, the 22nd.

On Wednesday, the Republican Party candidate will have another interview in order to town hall, which will be broadcast on Sinclair group televisions (294 stations). According to the Hollywood Reporter, the interview will be moderated by former Fox News journalist Eric Bolling.

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