Jojo accuses Lucas of hitting Lidi’s head on the wall and youtuber revolts


After the atmosphere of peace and love of the “Likes” party, from “A Fazenda 2020”, Lucas Maciel revolted with Jojo Todynho for being accused of hitting Lidi’s head on the wall while putting her to bed to sleep and breaking everything inside the home of RecordTV’s reality show.

In the early hours of today, the youtuber helped Mariano and Jakelyne Oliveira to put the pedestrians to sleep with the mission of avoiding punishments as in the last weeks. However, it ended up exploding after Jojo Todynho accused him of hitting Lidi Lisboa’s head on the wall.

Fazenda 2020: Lucas Maciel is consoled by Lipe after a fury attack

Image: Playback / Playplus

Lucas Maciel left the room angrily, throwing everything he saw on the floor. “It’s very mean. Go take it in the ass. Fuck it. C ******. I don’t have this meanness. I’m helping you and tell me that I hit her head on the wall. That doesn’t exist “, he shouted.

The people who work with me. If you think I’m not going to win this, take me out at the first opportunity you get. If not to go to the end of this shit. Get me out. I heard a lot of crap from a person I like. I’m helping everyone. It is not possible that I am wrong “.

Quickly, Lipe Ribeiro, Mariano, Jakelyne Oliveira and Biel left the room to understand what happened and Lucas vented.

“I’m not drunk. It’s just that in my head I’m right. What I’m seeing here is people who are more of a motherfucker I’ve ever seen.

“Jojo said that I hit Lidi’s head on the wall. The problem is not what happened. The problem is to look and make this comment with malice. It doesn’t make sense. I don’t even know why she meddled,” he added.

“Hey, Lucas. You helped us a lot. We don’t take punishment because of you. Calm down,” Jakelyne asked.

After touching the confusion, Lucas Maciel refused to sleep in the room to avoid meeting with the funkeira and stayed in the room with Lipe Ribeiro.

It is important to highlight that the confusion inside the room was not exhibited by Playplus – RecordTV’s reality show streaming platform. The facts mentioned above were narrated by Lucas Maciel.


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