Jojo Todynho plays with Lucas Maciel on a farm


The morning was relaxed in the kitchen of “A Fazenda 2020” (RecordTV).

Jojo Todynho questioned the pedestrians about the weather outside, and Lucas Maciel replied: “Go and see. There, where the cow in the pasture is, you can see the sun”, joked in reference to the singer leaving the headquarters.

Lipe Ribeiro, Stéfani Bays and Tays Reis laughed, and the singer replied: “Oh, Lucas. If you weren’t in the stall, I would vote for you. And if I’m the most voted in the house, I pull you,” he joked.

Lipe laughed, suggesting that her speech be: “Just because of the chaos, I want the Selfie in the fields”, he laughed.

Confident, Lucas asked Jojo: “But do you want to go out on the sixth garden?”, Saying that he would have more votes to stay than she did, causing laughter in the house.


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