Jojo warns after party with confusion: ‘People drink and lose the limit’ – 10/17/2020


Jojo Todynho woke up reflective and went over moments from the previous night in A Fazenda. Today, she and Mariano chatted about what happened at the “Likes” party, especially when Lucas Maciel lost control after Jojo accused him of hitting Lidi’s head on the wall and breaking everything around the house.

Mariano says he didn’t argue with Lucas and that he was talking to Lipe. “I’m not going to speak out anymore, no. The next party is going to give shit. The time someone hits, opens their heads and gives shit, it’s over. It almost gave shit on Luiza’s day. People drink and lose the limit”, she said.

“I’m not saying that he hit her head. The story of the finger (in the eye) was afterwards. I was seeing everything, lucid,” said Jojo.

Mariano commented: “If your intention was not to say that he hit his head … It’s just that he was in the pile, he got it wrong. Just explain it”. In the chat, both confirm that the head hit was accidental.

“I was worried, because people understand how they want,” concluded Jojo.

During the discussion, Lucas was disgusted: “It is very mean. Go take it in the c *. Go fuck yourself. C ******. I don’t have this meanness. I’m helping you and come and tell me that I hit her head on the wall. That doesn’t exist “, he shouted.


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