Jordan and Joo Lazzari: Who are the goalkeepers who dispute Santa Cruz’s goal this Saturday?


After 33 games, Santa Cruz does not know what to have another goalkeeper under his goal that is not the young Maycon Cleyton. The home team, who took on the choral goals with the retirement of the idol Tiago Cardoso, won the affection of the fans after a series of good performances, but, after testing positive for Covid-19, be absent against Treze, making room for the news under the bars of the Tricolor.

The name most likely to get this job is Jordan. Young 22-year-old goalkeeper revealed at Red Bull Brasil, who served as Bragantino’s ‘B’ team at Paulista A2 this year. In 12 matches, the Campinas team conceded 19 goals, passing just one game without being leaked. He was out of just three games played by Red Bull this season. The team had a weak campaign in the State and escaped relegation only by the number of goals scored.

Before, the goalkeeper had also been a constant presence in the 2019 Copa Paulista, defending the colors of Votuporanguense, loaned by Red Bull. He had already participated in the squad that disputed the A2 of the Paulisto, but stayed in the reserve bank, gaining the title in the dispute of the state cup. There were eight games with 12 goals conceded and two games without being leaked.

At Santa Cruz, Jordan recently arrived. Regularized last week, the archer was hired by Tricolor thinking about the team that, starting this Sunday, will be in the dispute of the Brazilian Championship of Aspirants, category played by the Under-23 coral.

In this reformulation, there was also the departure of goalkeeper Carlos Miguel, who was loaned by Internacional, and the “loan exchange” between Santa and Athletico / PR, in which Rokenedy was ceded to the Under-20 of Furaco while Joo Lazzari arrived for the Sub -23 coral. With the contiguity of Covid-19 by Luiz Fernando, including, Lazzari was already on the bench in the match against Paysandu and, now, should continue as an immediate option.

Younger, Lazzari is only 20 years old. He made his base category at Toledo, being promoted to the main team in 2018 and participating in the campaign for the vice-championship of Paraná the following year. He only made a match on the professional team, in the 3-0 defeat by Maring. Then, he went to the Athletico / PR base, where he was with the Under-19, Under-20 and Under-23 teams. He was a reserve for Furaco in the Brazilian U-20 this year.

Even with less chances to play, Lazzari celebrated the opportunity he has had at Santa Cruz, where he also arrived to compose the Under-23 team. “The expectation is quite high. When I knew I was going to the game I couldn’t even sleep well, I was very anxious. But I have been working every day focused and firm, giving my best in all training, and at some point the opportunity appears. When it comes, we have to be prepared ”.


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