Jota says goodbye to Luz with a strong message: “Thank you. I love you”


Fhi with a picture where i was only four years old Whom decided to say goodbye to Benfica before leaving for Spain. The extreme youth was loaned by eagles to Real Valladolid and before heading to the La Liga club he shared a photo at the old Luz stadium.

With a strong message, Whom revealed the date of the image and even its member number, in a clear message of love to the heart club. In fact, it was with “love” that he said goodbye.

“Thank you. I love you”, he wrote in the caption of the photo shared on the social network Instagram.

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Thank you, I love you. 03/23/03 Sc. 33730

A post shared by (@jotafilipe_7) Oct 15, 2020 @ 9:32 am PDT

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