Journalists revolt with the extension of RedeTV’s salary reduction! and denounce broadcaster


ACTION Amilcare Dallevo Jr. on a staircase at Rede TV! Headquarters: the president says he monitors both the production of programs and the checking of news (Credit: Claudio Gatti)

RedeTV! sent to employees on Friday (16) a proposal for an agreement that extends the decrease in salary by 25%. According to information from Notícias da TV, the station’s journalists were disgusted with the situation of 8 months in the cut of the funds and made a letter in which they denounce being coerced to accept the change under penalty of dismissal.

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The measure was adopted by RedeTV! because of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic and, in a note sent to Notícias da TV, the broadcaster states that the reduction is part of a proposal by the Federal Government. “Any interpretation other than that is just political use by the union of a reality that affects the country and the world.”

An assembly was held with the station’s journalists, in which they decided not to sign the contracts with the salary reduction. An open letter from employees was released: “It is important to stress and denounce that we have been coerced into signing these contractual amendments under threat and that anyone who fails to do so will be fired. We can no longer accept this cut in salaries, otherwise we will spend almost the entire year on reduced earnings. ”

“If we accept this reduction further, at the end of 2020, RedeTV! will have stopped paying R $ 6,860.16 for each of the journalists who earn, on average, with the two overtime hours, the floor of R $ 3,375.59 per month, but will now receive R $ 2,613.35 during eight months of reduction , with another thirteenth also smaller ”, completed. The Union of Journalists took a stand, complaining about the measure adopted by the broadcaster, which is large and should have enough to readjust salaries after a few months.

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