Judge returns Lula honorary doctorate title


Judge Carlos Bruno de Oliveira Ramos, of the 4th Civil Court of Arapiraca, returned the title of doctor to former President Lula honoris causa. The honor was given to the PT by the State University of Alagoas (Uneal) in 2012.

Judge overturned previous decision and returned Lula a doctorate honoris causa
Ricardo Stuckert

In a decision signed on July 23 of this year, but published only last Friday (9/10), the magistrate annulled the title, in response to a request made by Maria Tavares Ferro, PSDB candidate for the MaceiĆ³ Chamber.

This Wednesday (10/14), however, he informed that the sentence was released in the case by mistake, “possibly due to some command given in the system, on a non-voluntary basis, since the draft still being edited was in the queue of processes in preparation “.

In the new decision, the judge says that the title of doctor honoris causa was filed in March 2012, while the request for annulment was filed only in August 2017. Thus, he says, the maximum period of five years for filing the action has been exceeded.

“The extinction of the feat with a resolution of merit by the prescription is the measure that is required, in view of the period of more than five years, counted between the publication of the act considered as damaging to the public patrimony and the filing of the lawsuit”, he pointed out.

Lula’s defense was made by lawyers Christian Zanin, Valeska Martins, Maria de Lourdes Lopes e Luis Felipe V. Lopes da Cruz.

Administrative morality
When asking for the annulment of the title, Maria Tavares Ferro said that the honor given to Lula reached “administrative morality”, since the recognition was granted “to the person convicted criminally and who responds to other criminal actions”.

The decision published last Friday goes in the same direction. “There is a hostile violation of the administrative rule in the approval of the title due to a deviation in purpose revealing an offense to administrative morality, in addition to providing a manifestation of a political-electoral purpose in the granting of the title,” says the sentence.

The magistrate also stated that “it is unreasonable nor does it comply with administrative morality to grant honor to someone judicially convicted and who still responds to other criminal actions”.

Although the title was given to Lula in 2012, the ex-president only received it in August 2017. At the time, Lula was making a caravan through the Northeast.

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