Juliana Caetano poses with a daring winter look and fans question: “Don’t you feel cold?”


The singer raised the mood on social media

By: Metropolitan Writing | October 17 – 2:57 pm

Juliana Caetano, the lead singer of Bonde do Forró, took advantage of some free time on Friday night (16) to pose well at home, enjoying a cooler temperature in Brazil.

The singer shocked the internet when she appeared showing her “winter” look, appearing only with a red sweatshirt and showing off her good shape to the followers with a bold outfit in the same colors as the rest of the production. Look:

Recently, it is not today that Juliana Caetano, from Bonde do Forró, complains about the criticisms she receives on social networks. The brunette is constantly attacked on the web for her way of speaking and acting.

This time, when opening her box of questions in the stories, on the afternoon of this Friday (16), the singer received an offensive message: “I don’t like you, I follow you because you are retarded”, sent a follower. read more


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