Juliano Ceglia detonates Mariano for Biel’s bad speech behind his back


The discussion between Biel and Mariano was the big topic of the morning today, in “A Fazenda 2020”. Tays Reis did not hide his concern about his affair at the game and asked Juliano Ceglia for help to keep him out of the fray with the current farmer of the week.

Everyone makes mistakes and each one absorbs in a different way. When Mariano did what he did and was humble to talk to him, Biel did not accept. It’s his way, but you don’t have to kill yourself in here. Someone has to give in “.

“So, like this, I ask you from the bottom of my heart, don’t let him be provoking. It’s not that I’m defending the other side. It’s just to avoid the shock. Imagine if they attack each other. It’s all over. Today is a party and it’s real reason to get in your face and want to fight. It’s a danger “, added Tays.

Juliano agreed with his confinement colleague and says he even warned Biel not to go on a collision course because Mariano burned himself in front of the public with an aggressive attack from behind.

Mariano made a big mistake and will pay for it in this game. I told Biel ‘don’t heat your head. He will pay for everything he said. ‘ He said that Biel needed to take a stick of I don’t know what in Mato Grosso. I said he was on the run from Brazil for about three years “

“He already killed himself. He said it alone. He already burned himself. He couldn’t say it behind his back. It was very serious. Here, today, for me it’s over. Mariano for me ended up today because of his posture. The people are watching” , finished.


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