Justice decrees arrest of aggressor filmed beating woman in Ilheus – Jornal CORREIO


Justice decreed on Thursday night (15) the arrest of Carlos Samuel Freitas Costa Filho, the man who appears in a video assaulting a woman with several punches to the face in Ilhéus, in southern Bahia. The information is from TV Bahia.

He was heard at the city’s Women’s Police Station yesterday, but since he had not been arrested, he was released afterwards. The Public Ministry of Bahia (MP-BA) was the one who requested the preventive detention of Carlos Samuel, who has ten stints at Deam.

According to the MP, the news of the aggression was forwarded to the agency on Thursday morning, which immediately requested the adoption of appropriate measures, with the arrest of Carlos. The justification speaks of “the need to safeguard public order, considering the seriousness of the concrete conduct (exacerbated violence used) and the recurrent condition of the author of the fact”.

The MP recalls that Carlos Samuel was already denounced by the agency in 2015 for crimes of domestic violence, threat and private imprisonment committed against another woman. He was even sentenced in the first instance in this case. There was a defense appeal, says the MP, but the conviction of private imprisonment was maintained in August of that year. The Bahia Court of Justice (TJ-BA) recognized, however, the statute of limitations on crimes of domestic violence and threats.

The victim of the video that went viral has already been heard by the police in Uruçuca, where he lives, about 40 km from Ilhéus. She said that both were in a troubled relationship, with several assaults. The two have already ended the relationship.

Yesterday, Carlos Samuel spoke for about four hours. He said the video is from the end of June, when he and the woman in the video lived together and dated for six months. He said he was sorry for his behavior.

Before, the aggressor had already released a note, with the repercussion of the case, stating that he is “a young worker”, without “involvement in some type of criminal practice”. He said he was ready to take the punishment according to the law. He also said that he had a “very troubled relationship, riddled with countless cases of sick jealousy, various physical and moral assaults”. He said that on the day of the video he was coming home from a party, drunk and “lost his mind”.


Case against mother
Carlos Samuel has a history of assaulting girlfriends and women in the family, including his own mother. In 2017, she filed a complaint against her son at Deam.

On the Metrópoles website, a source said that his mother is the main victim of Carlos Samuel. At the time of the complaint, he would have forced her to take R $ 3.7 thousand from a loan shark and later suffered death threats.

In 2015, in one of the complaints, he was accused of keeping a partner in private prison, in addition to assaulting her. Of all these cases, only one, reported in 2016, led to the sentence of 1 year in jail.


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