Justice determines that ferry boat complies with safety measures against coronavirus – Jornal CORREIO


Justice determined that the ferry-boat system adopt mandatory sanitary measures within 10 days. After being notified, Internacional Travessias will have to promote changes in the vessels.

After this deadline, all ferries must have distance demarcation, availability of gel alcohol and use of personal protective equipment by employees.

The judicial decision also establishes that the State Agency for the Regulation of Public Services for Energy, Transport and Communications of Bahia (Agerba) will be responsible for supervising the rules to be complied with.

If Internacional Travessias does not comply with the court order and Agerba does not inspect, both are subject to a daily fine of R $ 50 thousand, with a limit of R $ 300 thousand.

So far, both Internacional Travessias and Agerba have reported that they have not yet been notified.

The matter was referred to Justice by the Public Ministry of Bahia (MP), which offered a complaint about the agglomerations on the vessels. The agency said that for four months it sent several letters to find out what biosafety measures were being implemented and did not get a return.

Internacional Travessias informed that it was complying with the determined rules, including the reduction in the number of passengers in each vessel. Agerba said that it makes weekly reports on the performance of Internacional Travessias in the implementation of biosafety measures.

Still in the document, there is information that Agerba has made several notifications against the company. Earlier this month, Internacional Travessias has already received 555 infraction notices from 2014, when it assumed transport, until 2020.


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