Justice League Snyder Cut to feature Joe Manganiello Terminator


The villain exterminator, interpreted by Joe Manganiello, should also appear on the Snyder Cut of Justice League, according to Collider. The information was revealed a few days after confirmation of Jared Leto’s Joker return in the same film.

A Collider emphasizes, however, that it has not received confirmation from the actor’s representatives. The website speculates, however, that the actor must be part of the remakes of the film, for having appeared at an event with the character’s look.

Manganiello appeared as the Terminator on the post-credits scene for the version of Justice League which went to theaters in 2017. Earlier this year, Manganiello had hinted that the new version of Justice League could have another post-credit scene, possibly revealing a confrontation between him and Batman.

It is worth remembering that, because of his daughter’s suicide, Zack Snyder left Justice League in 2016 and Joss Whedon took over filming. The film was released in November 2017 and grossed about $ 657 million worldwide, while it was running. However, it had such a negative reaction from the audience that it stimulated rumors about the existence of an original version of the feature, since much material planned by Snyder did not make it into the final edition.

And then the campaign Release The Snyder Cut, who asked for the mythological version of the director. Not only the most loyal audience supported, but also the actors, as Gal Gadot e Jason Momoa. After a long time, Warner confirmed the launch of the SnyderCut for 2021 in the HBO Max, group streaming Time Warner.

Snyder’s version of Justice League will be four hours long and will be divided into four parts.


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