Justice of SP pledges R $ 204 thousand from Globo for showing wrong participant in BBB


On TV Globe he had just over R $ 204,000 pledged by the São Paulo court to settle a lawsuit filed by a man who was mistakenly shown in the BBB11 edition. The information is from UOL.

Igor Saracene Pachi sued the courts in 2011 for moral damages against the broadcaster because he had personal images of him broadcast on the internet through the channel as if he had been selected for the 11th edition of the reality show.

Pachi was not called for this edition of Big Brother Brazil, despite having signed up. In fact, the participant that the broadcaster was supposed to show as selected was called Igor Gramani, but Globo confused the surnames and showed Igor Pachi as if he were Gramani.

The broadcaster lost its lower court judgment in 2013, and was ordered to pay R $ 30,000 in compensation for pain and suffering. Globo appealed and also lost in the 2nd instance, but ended up filing an appeal with the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), however the decision was maintained in favor of Igor Pachi.

After the process became final (when there are no more appeals) in August last year, the Court blocked the amounts in Globo’s accounts for transfer to the plaintiff, however there was a significant change in the amount of the indemnity.

From R $ 30 thousand, the moral damages action increased to more than R $ 112 thousand, in addition to the application of a fine of R $ 81 thousand. Justice also ordered the broadcaster to pay more than R $ 10,000 in attorney fees.

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