Kamala Harris suspends travel after positive covid-19 tests – News


The travels of the Democratic candidate for vice presidency in the US presidential election, Kamala Harris, were momentarily suspended on Thursday (15) after two members of the campaign tested positive for the new coronavirus.

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According to a campaign statement, a member of the campaign’s plane crew and Harris’ communications aide, Liz Allen, have had no contact with the senator or presidential candidate Joe Biden in the past few days.

Contact tracking

The last time the three were on the same plane was last Thursday, the 8th, after the debate with Vice President Mike Pence. That day, everyone was tested and the results were negative. Since then, Kamala Harris has been reexamined last Wednesday, the 14th, and the result was also negative.

The note, signed by Biden campaign coordinator Jen O’Malley Dillon, explains that the two employees went to private events over the weekend and were isolated for the past few days, as the protocol dictates.

“Every time someone leaves the campaign, we ask them to stay in isolation and be tested so they can get back in touch with others and resume their normal activities. That’s how we managed to protect ourselves,” explained Dillon.


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