Kaspersky discovers new spyware that disguises itself as pornographic and tracking apps from COVID-19


At a time when mandatory installation of the STAYAWAY COVID app is on the agenda, Kaspersky announced the discovery of a new threat to smartphones. One of its main characteristics is precisely the ability to take the form of an application of this kind.

This new spyware (a malicious file that “spies” on the activity we do on the smartphone) was created by the Indian hacker group ATP Transparent Tribe and can also pass for pornographic applications, warns Kaspersky.

“The pandemic has become a common theme for threat agents, who, over the months, have launched social engineering attacks that are still relevant today. The Transparent Tribe group, a threat agent monitored by Kaspersky for more than four years, has also started to use this theme in its campaigns », says the Russian security company in a statement.

These apps where Kaspersky found malicious code pass themselves off as one for adult videos and another called Aarogya Setu, a kind of copy of the “application launched by the National Computer Center of the Government of India to screen COVID-19 ».

As soon as both are downloaded to smartphones, they install a “modified version of the Android Remote Access Tool (RAT) AhMyth” which then allows hackers to access “SMS, microphone, call log, device location and list / upload files to an external server from the phone ».

To learn more about this Kaspersky discovery, read a more detailed report from the company, here.



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